What is "Knowledge"?

Knowledge is not the sum of all what you have learned, not a collection of data or information and not another way to express the level of education you have got!

Knowledge is...?

Knowledge can be described as the sum of all abilities, experiences and lessons learned which are used by a human being to solve questions and problems. Knowledge is based upon data and information but is always linked to a person. It is created by that person during the process of understanding and digesting the relations between cause and action

In the beginning there are data - they were obtained by observation and measurement and are defined as differences which become meaningful only after they had been put into some kind of a context and brought into a relation of relevance - they have become information. These relevances are filters which charge data with a specific meaning, with importance and with a context within they mean something and within they can be source of knowledge for a person.

Knowledge without the memory of a brain does not exist but on the other side, not everything, which a brain produces, can be called knowledge.
Therefore it is a fact that a DVD containing the Encyclopedia Brittanica is not knowledge but a very extensive collection of data and information

What is "Knowledge Management"?

The term "Knowledge Management" is interpreted differently, depending on the cultural background:

In Europa - the measurement of knowledge

In the USA - the process of managing knowledge

In Japan - the creation of new knowledge


For me, Knowledge Management is the targeted, efficient and meaningful dealing with that valuable resource, Knowledge


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